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          About Us

          Xiangtan Yinhe New Energy Co., Ltd. is located in the national high-tech zone of Xiangtan City. It is a high-tech enterprise that develops and produces high-energy cylindrical lithium iron phosphate power batteries (unit capacity 90Ah, energy density 160Wh/kg), electric vehicle drive system total Cheng, charger/charging station equipment, battery management system and ancillary products. The equipment has an annual capacity of 200 million watt-hours and has a number of national invention patents and utility model patents. The products are exported to Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, the United States and other European and American countries and regions, and have obtained the EU "WVTA vehicle certification".



          Concept: honesty, pragmatism, standardization and win-win. 

          Business model: market-oriented, production-based, and quality as the backing!

          Business Scope

          R&D, production and sales of large-capacity cylindrical lithium iron phosphate power batteries and battery management systems, electric vehicle drive system assemblies, and charging station equipment.


          ◇ YHkam mission: develop green energy and create products for a better life

          ◇ YHkam vision: a respected and harmonious development influencer in the new energy battery industry

          ◇ YHkam core values: morality is more important than ability, responsibility is more important than profit

          ◇ YHkam enterprise spirit: loyalty, hard work, responsibility and innovation

          ◇ YHkam management philosophy: the combination of emotion and reason, and reason first

          ◇ YHkam talent concept: virtuous, talented and promising

          ◇ YHkam quality concept: product is character, quality is life

          ◇ YHkam work style: pay attention to details, execute in place and be responsible to the end

          ◇ YHkam code of conduct: behave with true colors and do well

          ◇ YHkam cultural atmosphere of the Galaxy: compliance, dedication, gratitude and justice



          ◇ 2020: Export more than 120 sets of European standard special high-power motor controllers and vehicle controllers (including large-torque motors with independent intellectual property rights). The system can also be applied to the drive of electric container ships.

          ◇ 2019: Independent research and development design of 3.3MW energy storage cabinet, which can be applied to the company's daily power supply.

          ◇ 2017: Successfully delivered sixty sets of drive systems, battery modules and charging equipment to Europe.

          ◇ 2016: KAM successfully developed and produced a new generation of high-voltage (576V) drive system. Switzerland and the Netherlands took the lead in using KAM's latest high-voltage system and high-energy batteries to produce 12-meter high-performance electric buses.

          ◇ 2015: Provided a complete set of drive system assembly and battery modules, developed and produced the world's first 18-meter electric city bus and exported it to Germany for operation. Cooperated with CCW, the largest passenger car modification company in the United States, to convert old diesel buses into pure electric buses and put them in Los Angeles and other major cities for operation.

          ◇ 2014: The company cooperated with CCW, the largest refitting car manufacturer in the United States, to develop and produce 12-meter electric buses. The world's first 18-meter pure electric articulated vehicle equipped with KAM drive system, high-energy batteries and chargers was successfully exported to Germany in July 2014. This vehicle is equipped with 900h/576V, 518kW?h, and has a driving range of 400km under full load and air conditioning. Two 12-meter pure electric buses equipped with KAM drive systems, high-energy batteries and chargers were successfully exported to Norway in December 2014.

          ◇ 2013: The pure electric bus equipped with Yinhe high-energy power battery won two gold awards in the "2013 China First Green Public Transport Energy Conservation Competition". The company's newly developed 90AH, 160Wh/Kg large-capacity cylindrical lithium iron phosphate power battery was once again exported to Germany. The 12-meter electric bus equipped with Galaxy's latest generation water cooling system and high-energy battery was unveiled at the BUSWORLD World Bus Show in Belgium. Galaxy provided batteries successfully converted the original Italian CNG natural gas bus into a pure electric bus.

          ◇ 2012: The company's large-capacity cylindrical lithium iron phosphate power battery (unit capacity 70AH, mass-to-energy ratio 150Wh/kg) was exported to EBUSCO BV in the Netherlands. The company was awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise in Hunan Province". The Galaxy cylindrical large-capacity lithium iron phosphate power battery was successfully loaded on electric buses exported to Germany and the Netherlands, becoming the first batch of electric vehicles in the country that passed the EU certification and exported to Germany and the Netherlands.

          ◇ 2011: The establishment of Xiangtan Yinhe New Energy Co., Ltd. with the technical reserves for the industrial production of large-capacity and high-power lithium iron phosphate power batteries. The first production line was put into operation in June. The company's large-capacity cylindrical lithium iron phosphate power battery (single capacity 70AH, energy density 150Wh/kg) was successfully exported to Germany, becoming China's first power battery exported to Germany for electric buses.