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          Scientific resumption of work and epidemic prevention with safety

          Scientific resumption of work and epidemic prevention with safety

          2021-03-16 11:52:24 CDing 35

          Scientific resumption of work and epidemic prevention with safety

          --The company's resumption of work and production records


          In early 2020, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic caught most companies by surprise. Since the company has signed product contracts with European and Thai customers at the end of 2019, and agreed on the specific delivery date of each product, Thai customers have prepaid 95% of the payment. "Integrity and compliance" is the business philosophy we always adhere to, and we must strive to resume work as soon as possible and complete the production of orders on time. Under the influence of a major epidemic, how to resume production, ensure that customer orders are delivered on time, and at the same time ensure the physical and mental health and safety of employees, and achieve comprehensive epidemic prevention and control, the company faces many urgent problems that need to be resolved.

          The leaders of the Industrial Park of Xiangtan High-tech Zone understand the difficulties faced by enterprises, attach great importance to them, give their full support, and actively create conditions for enterprises to resume work and production, not only help enterprises formulate epidemic prevention and control management plans before resumption of work, but also coordinate and solve various shortages Procurement of epidemic prevention materials, and assist in the implementation of management measures for staff canteens and staff dormitories after resumption of work, so as to ensure that enterprises can resume work on schedule.

          Financial institutions such as Xiangtan Industrial and Commercial Bank and Construction Bank have also actively responded to the call of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and governments at all levels. They have opened various green channels, worked overtime, and fully supported the resumption of work and production. Arranged the credit funds needed to purchase raw materials for our company in time.

          On the eve of the resumption of work, government departments at all levels visited the site to check and confirm whether the company met the requirements for resumption of work. After passing the inspection and review of the park, the company resumed work on time on February 10, 2020. The government, banks, and companies worked together to prevent the epidemic. The resumption of production played a triumphant song for the safe resumption of work and production in the national epidemic prevention.

          When company employees work overtime to complete the production of orders from Thai customers, due to the spread of the epidemic internationally, countries have introduced stricter control measures in international logistics and transportation. The products produced by the company cannot be transported because they cannot find a logistics company that can be carried. Complete cargo transportation. After a lot of efforts, the goods were finally sent out before February 20, which met the needs of customers.


          Employees work overtime to produce

          The production of European orders involves a relatively complex raw material procurement system. The upstream suppliers are mostly Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Affected by the epidemic, raw material suppliers resume work late. After the company resumed production, there was a situation of waiting for the rice to be cooked and urging the rice to be cooked. The raw materials ordered on December 20, 2019 have not arrived on March 20, 2020, and March 30 is the delivery time for our first batch of European goods. No matter how difficult we encounter, we must practice the corporate spirit of honesty and compliance, and we must do our utmost to realize the company's commitment to customers. So we sent a special person to the raw material supplier's factory to wait for the goods, and we processed a batch of goods and we immediately shipped the batch back, which not only ensured the smooth progress of production, but also bought time for on-time delivery.

          With the help and support of leaders at all levels, Galaxy employees scientifically prevented the epidemic, resumed work and production as soon as possible, and worked overtime to catch up with the schedule. Finally, on March 30, the drive system of 28 new energy electric buses was delivered as scheduled, which surprised European customers. YHkam spirit of honesty and compliance, and the dedication and hard work of its employees have been highly praised by overseas customers. Due to the timely resumption of work and production, despite the impact of the major epidemic, the first quarter of 2020 will still complete an export output value of more than 1.2 million U.S. dollars and realize more than 2.1 million yuan in profits and taxes.


          28 sets drive systems ordered by Europe

          Xiangtan Yinhe New Energy Co., Ltd. was established in January 2011 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. It is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of lithium iron phosphate power batteries. The cell mass-to-energy density ratio reaches 170Wh/kg. , The module group mass energy ratio is 145Wh/kg, and it is a national high-tech enterprise with many related products such as battery PACK, motor electric control drive system, energy storage cabinet, charging equipment and so on. Over the years, it has been adhering to diligent research and development, conscientious production, and forging ahead in the new energy industry.

          Special thanks to Xiangtan High-tech Park for its strong support and assistance to Yinhe New Energy Co., Ltd., and to Xiangtan Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Xiangtan Branch of China Construction Bank for their strong support to YHkam. !