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          Drive System

          Water Cooling Motor

          Generally, smaller motors use air cooling to reduce the surface temperature of the motor housing to achieve heat dissipation. However, for high-torque drive motors such as 10-12m electric buses/tourist buses, if the air-cooling method is still used, the heat dissipation effect of the motor will be relatively poor. The operating temperature of the motor is usually 90°C, which affects the motor efficiency And reduce the life of the motor. The water-cooled drive motor designed by our company does not have a heat sink on the outer surface of the casing, which reduces the size and weight of the motor and facilitates the layout of the car chassis. And because of the reduction in weight, battery energy can be saved, and the driving range of electric vehicles can be extended. Motor features: high-torque regenerative braking has high recovery efficiency, low water-cooled heat dissipation temperature rise, shock resistance, high reliability, and long service life.



          Rated Current

          195 A

          Rated Power

          110 kW

          Rated frequency

          36 Hz

          Rated Torque

          1000 N·m

          Rated power factor


          Rated Speed

          1000 r/min



          Peak Power

          270 kW

          IP Class


          Peak Torque

          3600 N·m



          Peak Speed

          3000 r/min

          Mode Duty

          S1Continuous work

          Rated Voltage

          380 V